Correcting Facial Spider Veins, New Laser Procedure Changing the Face of Treatment for Sufferers

While not as visible or threatening to your health as varicose veins, spider veins pose the same unappealing intrusion to otherwise attractive legs, as well as areas of the face.

Spider veins tend to become more visible on the face, particularly around the nose, as facial skin thins with aging. They also tend to be more colorful - red, purple and blue vessels. While often a nuisance, spider veins on the legs can be covered with clothing. Though, those on the face are difficult to hide.

While some spider veins can be temporary - caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy, puberty and menopause, as well as the use of birth control pills and hormonal replacement - many are simply hereditary. Some occupations can also contribute to the development of spider veins, such as positions requiring long periods of standing - teachers, retail and factory workers, nurses, etc. Weightlifters who frequently strain during lifts are also prone to facial spider veins.

While spider veins are more prevalent in women than men, women are able to disguise smaller facial spider veins with makeup. But when spider veins become too pronounced to hide, they can cause sufferers to become self-conscious and insecure.

Many of the conservative treatment options available for spider veins located on the leg, such as support stockings, cannot be applied to those on the face. Though others such as lifestyle changes that involve good skin hygiene, moderate exercise and weight loss can help reduce the prevalence of these spider veins.

And as less invasive laser treatments become increasingly refined for varicose as well as spider vein treatment, a growing number of patients are opting to address these other types of annoying facial lines.

While previously spider vein treatment consisted primarily of Sclerotherapy, Dr. Mark Skellenger offers patients a simple outpatient laser procedure to “erase” facial spider veins, giving patients a completely new outlook!

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